Christmas Secret Santa

Christmas is a busy time of year so why not save time and money by creating your own secret Santa gift exchange, it’s quick, easy and  fun.

Invite your family, friends or even co-workers. Arrange the date, time and location. Set a budget so that everyone in your group spends around the same amount of money, keeping everything nice and fare. You can even help your secret Santa buy the right gift for you by creating your very own wish list.



Share Button Generator

With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, etc all having their own way of delivering share buttons, the different scripts when put together are not the most efficient way of working. Share Button Generator is a web tool for developers, providing the power to create share buttons using a common and proficient means.

Developers can design their own buttons and choose which web technology is used in the final piece. The end result is a nice clean script with the necessary resources for developers to implement into their project.



Dive Matters

Scuba Diving is an incredible experience, one that millions of people worldwide continuously enjoy. Figuring out how to get involved and where to start can be overwhelming which is why the Dive Matters website is a nice and simple place to begin your adventure.

With a great community of friendly scuba divers, the site also acts a hub for members to keep themselves up to date with what the club has to offer. People can book upcoming events and holidays, view photos and videos from previous trips and read the latest blog posts.



Dive Journal

Scuba divers have been logging their dives for many years, this is good practice for everyone, important for professionals and its also just nice to be able to look back and reminisce about the places you’ve seen.

Dive Journal allows you to recored your dives in a better and more modern way. Use your iPhone or iPad to intuitively log your dives, store photos and videos and organise your equipment efficiently. Get rich data in return with your very own profile page so you can see statistics like “Deepest Depth”, “Total Time Spent Underwater” and “Total Air Consumed”, etc. Dive Journal is the way forward when it comes to scuba diving.



Score Centre

A little healthy competition among friends can be lots of fun. Going down the pub and playing a few games of pool or darts. Maybe having a game of football, rugby or basketball, etc. With Score Centre you can keep track of all the games you play with friends. It’s a good looking app thats simple to use and it can be very satisfying to see your name on the winning side of the score board.